3D Manuals

Rich browser based visualisation and intuitive navigation makes part identification accurate and fast for even the most complex equipment.

Real time support

Communicate with your customers in real time with a shared manual session. Work through challenging issues together.

Organise parts data

Ensure your customers are always using up to date parts data. All changes are automatically rolled out to the relevant manuals as soon as they happen.

Online part ordering

A fully featured part ordering workflow available 24/7 that supports parts sales directly to end users or via a global distributor network.

Order Management

All your customers order information in one place. Fulfil new orders, review past activity and manage customer expactations.


CADshare keeps all your data safe with the latest industry standards in encryption, authorisation and authentication technology.

Fast manual authoring

Create immersive, clear and communicative 3D experiences for your customers with a minimum of fuss.

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Easy data access

With serial number driven manuals and powerful search functionality, your customers get access quickly to the data they need, as soon as they log on.

Protect your IP

Traditional exploded drawings give a lot away. 3D visualisation empowers clear communication of parts identity and location without compromising your engineering know how.


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